Children of Prophecy

2 Enemy of my Enemy: part 2

Late summer, year Zero

Present: Thea, Tali & Eva.

Back at Hom, Sacha told them that she worked for Ariel as a spy. She was sent to infiltrate Hom. Once there, she joined the cell Dreamweavers. Some time ago, all Dreamweaver (except Rolf) in the wilderness south of Vimary. One evening three Dahlians (Darun, JEV & Trina) came and sat down at their campfire.
An injured man arrived running during the evening. He was a Joshuan named Jacques. He was persecuted by a flock of Gek’roh and battle erupted when they came up.
After the Gek’roh was defeated, the Dahlians assaulted the Dreamweavers and went away with Jacques. Only Sacha survived. On her way back, she was captured by a patrol Joanites and since she had no visible tribal tattoo, she was arrested. She had thought that Ariel would help her but she didn’t and she was sentenced to death.
After the story, the cell decieded to look up the Dahlians who kidnapped Jacques. They found Darun at the bar Medusa’s. He was very drunk and not cooperative.
Outside his home, they faced Illiam (which was in a servant’s stomach!). He told them that Ariel visited him to find out what Sacha had told the Z’Bri. He told them that Ariel now was on her way to Griffentowne to find the missing Jacques.



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