Children of Prophecy

3 Enemy of my Enemy: part 3

Late summer, year Zero

Present: Thea, Tali, Laila & Eva

The Risen travelled to Griffentowne in their search of Ariel and Jacques. They met the mayor Benjamin in his houe arrest.
An evan named Rinna offered to be their guide, but on their way out of the village they where intercepted by Jen and her patrol. She ordered them to follow her to a meeting with Judge Sakai.
Sakai told them that if they deliver Ariel to him, he will drop the charges against them.
When they left the judge did Rinna appear again, since she disappeared when the joanites arrived.
She led them thru the forest to Ariel’s camp. The Risen attacked and captured Ariel and set Jacques free. After a long discussion regarding what to do with Ariel they decided to give her to Sakai.
Rinna took them back to Griffentowne (the return trip took only half an hour instead of the three hours on the way out). Rinna said goodbye in Griffentowne and after they delivered Ariel they went home to Hom with Jacques.



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