Children of Prophecy

1 Enemy of my Enemy: part 1

Late summer, year Zero

Present: Thea, Tali & Laila.

Thea got banished from the Dahlians when she was caught trying to steal the diary of the yagan Faust Verkin.
Tali got banished from the Agnites because she started a fire at the Playground.
Laila got banished from the Magdelites when she sabotaged a diplomatic mission to get Storm Cry to support a crusade.
Eva got banished from the Joanites because she opposed her superior Mikal Deth’on when he was beating an apple thief to death.

Together, they were exiled to Hom to live the rest of their lives with the other 1,000 fallen. There Mek (Jacker) helped them with clothes and simpler equipment and they built themselves a simple hut. They spoke with Kymber Reva (Lightbringer) and Hal Ninva (Lightbringer) about the importance of cooperation to cope with life on Hom. Veruka The Wraith (Doomsayer) told about Joshua’s prophecy.
Hal Ninva asked them to deliver a package to one of the merchants in Bazaar, which they did with ease even though Eva fallen ill with a stomach bug.
Inside the Bazaar they saw how Sacha (Yagan) was dragged by a guard patrol. Judge Ariel (Sheban) stopped the party and asked where she would be taken. She was sentenced to death by exile to Skyrealms. Sacha accused Ariel of being the traitor.
The Risen was then chased by an angry crowd (provoked by Ariel) because they were fallen. Rolf (Doomsayer) helped them to escape and they in turn helped Rolf freeing Sacha. Hagbard (Keeper) helped them to get up in Skyrealms.
In Skyrealms met them Jen (Joanite) and two other jonaites who was there on behalf of Ariel to retrieve Sacha because “an error occurred”.
Up in the tower they met resistance of serfs and finally managed to liberate Sacha after killing a Z’Bri. Then came another Z’Bri named Illiam and talked to them. He told them that he had a collaboration with Ariel, but that now he would be happy to work with them instead. Then he disappeared out the window.



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