Alexis of Blade



Eminences: Sensuality, Bravery
Notable attributes: AGI +2, APP +2


One of the few Fallen who has yet tojoin a cell, Alexis is well known in Hom. Dynamic and flamboyant, she is always looking for a challenge and will push herself to edge if she has to. Like most Jackers, Alexis cares little for the politics of the Fallen, but if push comes to shove,
she’ll throw her lot in with the side that promises the most action. After all, what’s the point in living one’s destiny if there’s no challenge. Frequenting Ile Perdue, Alexis has run into the Herite Troy Fenys on a number of occasions. While she keeps her distance from the Herite, Troy’s friendship with Evangel is peeking Alexis’curiosity. If the three joined forces, they would cause more than a little trouble for the tribes.

Alexis of Blade

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