Eminences: Fate, Mystery
Notable attributes: KNO +2, PSY +2
Notable skills: Dreaming, Lore, Mythology, Rituals, Teaching


Den-Hades, like Halos, calls herself a Guide. she lives in Hom, spending most of her time in the Temple – among Doomsayers. When not there, she roams the settlement, speaking prophecy to those who would listen. It is her habit to seek out those newly Fallen and take them in hand, teaching them the ways of Dream. She is very rough on her students and berates them constantly, her voice tinged with anger. Halos, her lover, says that she bears great guilt and teaches as retribution – but he will not say what her crime was; it is possible that even he does not know. Despite her difficult ways, she has made allies among the Fallen, including Deus and Kymber.


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