Lightbringer Poet


Eminences: Semuality, Conviction
Notable attributes: APP +2
Notable skills: Notice, Lore, Seduction


Member of the cell The Harbringers.
Deus is another one of Hom´s “leaders,” though he is more interested in writing and exploring than trying to bring Fallen together. He is a Magdalite outcast and people claim that he was Magdalen´s lover -something he neither denies or affirms. Finding Deus is never a problem, his flamboyant nature and dress give him away every time. He does have his dark side, however. For days he will enjoy himself at Junks, and then, without warning, he will leave to roam the ruins of Vimary looking for any hint of the past. He has flirted with the idea of joining the Keepers, but he knows they would not take him. So he spends his days writing of the past and of the future to come.
He writes his poems all over the walls of Hom and Vimary, in a futile attempt to reclaim the ruins around him.


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