Hal Ninva

One of the leaders of Hom


Eminences: Conviction, Truth
Notable attributes: INF +2
Notable skills: Etiquette, Human Perception, Law, Leadership


A Terasheban is always a Terasheban. There are exceptions, like Mordecai of the Seeds of d e n cell, who spends his time minding his own business.
Hal, on the other hand – he is a recent exile – has done his best to keep everyone at each other’s throats. He has made promises to the Herites and Jackers while saying something different to everyone else. He is fueled by a vision of the future: he sees the Eighth Tribe rising under his leadership and gaining a seat at the Grand Council, or even pushing aside the Seven Tribes. As far as he is concerned, it is time for the Fallen to get behind a leader and claim their place in destiny. If not, he claims, they will stay in Hom forever. His methods are dangerous, but he is attracting many more followers.

Hal Ninva

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