Ex Serf Doomsayer


Eminences: Shadows


Havark is an uncomfortable man, even around friends. He has no history that he wishes to share, and is sometimes caught offguard by kindness. His tortured years in H’l Kar are finally fading from Havark‘s memories, but he still wakes up at night screaming. Havark drowns his past in duty, and is among the most vocal Doomsayers. He spends his days in Bazaar, preaching and shouting about the darkness to come. He does so with an intensity that makes people uncomfortable, but his fervor comes from first hand knowledge of Zbri cruelty.
Among Doomsayers, Havark remains an outsider by choice. He feels uncomfortable being
emotionally open with people and finds Veruka particularly intimidating. Amusingly, he is most comfortable around the stern Den-Hades. Her anger and raw passion are qualities he understands. Both have pasts they would rather forget.


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