Kara the Hunter



Eminences: Fury, Unity
Notable attributes: FIT +2


Leader of the fallen cell The Seeds of Eden.
From an early age, Kara trained and played with Shera Uhan’on and Valerie Ben’on, her cousin. The three even had childhood dreams to serve together in the Templars, but this was not to be. While a capable hunter, Kara was rejected by Joan – afraid of something the Fatima saw in the young Joanite. Kara did not let this get to her, instead she honed her skilL and joined the Watch. It was the brutal beating ofMordecai that pushed her over the edge. Fired of the dishonorable pettiness of the watch, she freed the Judge and escaped with him. As a Lightbringer she feels a close kinship to her old childhood friends, and is contemplating joining the crusade.

Kara the Hunter

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