Kymber Reva

One of the leaders of Hom


Synthesis: Unity and Empathy
Notable skills: Agriculture, Haggling, Healing, Leadership


Kymber was the first to organize the rants, and in many ways settles whatever disputes she can. As a former Evan, she´s been instrumental in organizing the Eighth Tribe, moving the Fallen along the way to selfreliance. She still has contacts with the Evans, and many suspect, with her children. Some chide her for this, and others are resentful that she has taken steps in trying to organize the outcasts. She is not interested in material power, however, and usual!y complies with the requests of Hal Ninva.
Her gentle ways might be her undoing. She is rarely willing to take direct action against the tribes, even after one ofthe Fallen is beaten or killed. She is even hesitant with the Z’bri. In the end, she might not have what it takes to lead the Eighth Tribe.

Kymber Reva

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