Veruka the Wraith

Oldest person on Hom


Synthesis: Mystery and Fate
Notable attributes: CRE +2, KNO +2, PSY +3, WIL +3
Notable skills: Dreaming, Lore, Mythology, Ritual


Once Fallen get past her looks, her skeletal face and vacant eyes, and get to know the wraith, they see why she is so important to the Eighth Tribe. She has the ear of Kymber, Hal and a few of the other influential cells. When she speaks, a silence fills the air, and everyone listens intently. She knows everyone by name and has the uncanny knack of showing up when she is most needed. A doomsayer, she constantly brings the Fallen back on the path of prophecy. She qoutes from Joshua and his tribe, and drives her new people towards their future. Unfortunately, she is very old and frail. Many fear she won’t survive another winter.

Veruka the Wraith

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