Children of Prophecy

1 Enemy of My Enemy (part 1)
Early Fall, Year Zero


Gilbert, Henri, Benjamin & Giston.

The characters were on a routine assignment inside the Bazaar when they saw some Joanites dragging a prisoner across the square. The prisoner was a fallen called Sacha. In the square they were met by a judge named Ariel Dan’on, Ariel seemed to notice the characters in the crowd. The atmosphere began to become aggressive and the hatred of the crowd against the fallen became stronger. Sacha seemed to recognize Ariel, but Ariel showed no sign of recognizing the prisoner. The prisoner should be taken to the Skyrealms to die. Ariel pointed out the characters as fallen and the crowd tried to capture them, but with the help of Rolf, they managed to escape.

Rolf wanted help to free Sacha and, with the help of Hagbard, they went to the tower that Sacha was brought to. Up in the tower they met with three Joanites who were attacked by a hord of serfs. Jen declared that they had been sent by Ariel to free Sacha. Up in the tower two Z’Bri had Sacha tortured. They talked with the prisoner about why Ariel had brought her to them, and why she was talking about a child of Joshua. The Joanites attacked and one ran out the window and the other fought for her life.

After the battle, the escaped Z’Bri Illiam appeared again and talked with the characters while they were retreating with Jen and Sacha.
“I salute your daring, brave ones. You have your prize, but Illiam will warn you, this one is both more and less than she seems. Believe her lies and distrust her truths.”

Summer, Year Zero

Benjamin Guy’on helped Kyrt the Free to steal meat from the Yagans.

Giston, Gilbert Thaim’on and Henry the Butcher was sent out by Mek to save two Evans (Emilia Pal’on and Tish Dan’on) who was smuggling vegetables to Hom.


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