Tag: Fatima


  • Agnes the Child

    Innocent and spoiled, Agnes was not alive during the Camps. She was born from Mary the Forgiver, a Fatima who died soon after Liberation. She doesn't like being marginalized by Her elder siblings and is prone to dangerous tantrums. Agnes can reduce others …

  • Baba Yaga the Crone

    Creepy and morbid, Baba Yaga is the oldest Fatima and in many ways their senior member. She has dominion over death and her tribe is renowned for the curses they can cast. She is also the Fatima of Fate and can see the future and travel about as a spirit.

  • Dahlia the Trickster

    Dahlia is the trouble-maker of the Seven Fatimas. Never comfortable with order, she pushes for change and chaos even if people get hurt in the process. Dahlia can change her appearance at will, cast illusions, and move with uncanny speed.

  • Eva the Mother

    A nature Goddess, Eva and Her tribe hold dominion over fertility, agriculture and animals. Renowned for Her caring attitude, she also tends to smother Her children and grants her followers very little freedom. She can both promote life and choke it out of …

  • Joan the Warrior

    Deadly in battle, Joan often seems to be a simple tool for Tera Sheba and the other Fatimas. She is loyal and honorable, but has not learned to question the orders She is given. Joan fights with supreme skill and wields devastating weapons.

  • Magdalen the Lover

    Masked and veiled, Magdalen embodies both the softness of romance and the hard edge of animal lust. She thrives of secrets and forbidden pleasures and Her tribe are masters of espionage and seduction. With a glance she can throw people into throes of …

  • Tera Sheba the Wise

    The stern judge of the Fatima, Tera Sheba leads them with a iron will. She believes in laws and order and in harsh punishments for those who disobey. Tera Sheba can compel one to tell the truth and understand the true nature of anything She sees.