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  • 2 Enemy of my Enemy: part 2

    Present: [[:thea | Thea]], [[:tali | Tali]] & [[:eva | Eva]]. Back at [[Hom | Hom]], Sacha told them that she worked for [[:ariel-dan-on | Ariel]] as a spy. She was sent to infiltrate Hom. Once there, she joined the cell [[Dreamweavers | Dreamweavers …

  • 3 Enemy of my Enemy: part 3

    Present: [[:thea | Thea]], [[:tali | Tali]], [[:laila-ibenkin | Laila]] & [[:eva | Eva]] The Risen travelled to [[Griffentowne | Griffentowne]] in their search of [[:ariel-dan-on | Ariel]] and [[:jacques | Jacques]]. They met the mayor [[:benjamin-aria …

  • Prophecy of Joshua

    My killers will be brought to task! Decapitated, sacrificed, transformed and destroyed! My vengeance and salvation will come from the wretches. My tribe, the Eighth, will come from the outcasts. They will be dirty, alone and powerful, tied to the …

  • Jacques

    The Last Joshuan. He was kidnapped in [[Mahgog | Mahgog]] by [[:darun | Darun]] and sold to [[:ariel-dan-on | Ariel Dan'on]] before liberated by The Risen.