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  • Welcome to your campaign!

    Present: [[:thea | Thea]], [[:tali | Tali]] & [[:laila-ibenkin | Laila]]. Thea got banished from the [[Dahlians | Dahlians]] when she was caught trying to steal the diary of the yagan [[:faust-verkin | Faust Verkin]]. Tali got banished from the [[ …

  • 2 Enemy of my Enemy: part 2

    Present: [[:thea | Thea]], [[:tali | Tali]] & [[:eva | Eva]]. Back at [[Hom | Hom]], Sacha told them that she worked for [[:ariel-dan-on | Ariel]] as a spy. She was sent to infiltrate Hom. Once there, she joined the cell [[Dreamweavers | Dreamweavers …

  • Z'Bri

    [[File:441552 | class=media-item-align-none | Z_Bri.jpg]] The horrors who destroyed the World Before, the Z'bri are the purest forms of evil. Originally creatures of pure spirit, they went mad when they entered the physical world and now take part in …

  • Skyrealms

    High above the Bazaar, lies the haunted Skyrealms. At the top floors of the building, where no human dare to walk, are the homes of some [[Z'Bri | Z'Bri]].