Prophecy of Joshua

My killers will be brought to task! Decapitated, sacrificed, transformed and destroyed!

My vengeance and salvation will come from the wretches. My tribe, the Eighth, will come from the outcasts. They will be dirty, alone and powerful, tied to the Goddess as only they can be. They will be spat upon and tricked, tried and killed. But they shall be the future.

They will be sorely tested. By their enemies and allies. They will free the dagger that killed me and guide it to cut through the land like fire. Blood will cover their homes and they will emerge strong and feared. In the second city, they will find failure in success, hubris in pride, and distraction in victory.

They will be blind until I come to tell them truth. They will fear the wrath of wisdom and learn the wisdom of wrath. They will see the young grow and know their destiny.

They will live in dreams and see ghosts die. They will find the barrier to truth and heal it with a wound.

In the third city, they will battle what is foretold and forge what must be. They will create freedom for all, but it will be born of blood and sacrifice.

Blood and sacrifice!

Prophecy of Joshua

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