Children of Prophecy

11. Searching for the Assassin
Year One, Spring


Benjamin Guy’on, Henry the Butcher & Lacuna.

Gilbert Thaim’on traveled to Vimary to meet his old friend Tish Dan’on.

The others tried to find the hidden assassin. Alexei informed them about the poison used. But after that he was attacked, but his ghost-wife Irina Zoy’on warned The Liberators and they saved him.

During the night Benjamin was assaulted by a strange dream-crayfish!

They also got informed that Gilbert have been captured by the Shebans. Brehnsun informed them that the Shebans is transporting Gilbert to the Sunken City.
They hurried to the spot and a group of Joanites approached. Brehnsun was disguised as a Joanite and helped the free Gilbert.

10. Death of an Inquisitor, again...
Year One, Early Spring

Benjamin Guy’on, Gilbert Thaim’on, Henry the Butcher & Lacuna.

Inquisitor Krynn was killed by an arrow to his head.

Lilith the Liberator and The Liberators saved Hom.

Lilith created Haven.

The Magdelites came to visit with a gift from Magdalen the Lover. The Mistress Armatha Hevkin was assassinated.

9. Death of an Inquisitor
Year One, Early Spring

Benjamin Guy’on, Gilbert Thaim’on, Henry the Butcher and Lacuna.

Killed Mezat Ever’on.

Herite attack on the Yagans.

The new inquisitor Krynn besiege Hom and demand the following persons arrested:
Lilith the Liberator
Hal Ninva
Kymber Reva
Veruka the Wraith
Kyrt the Free
Troy Fenys
Altara Ven
Evangel Black
Benjamin Guy’on
Gilbert Thaim’on
Henry the Butcher

8 L'Institute
Year One, Early Spring

Benjamin Guy’on, Henry the Butcher, Gilbert Thaim’on & Lacuna.

The group is investigating what happened in Vimary since they traveled to Mahgog. Nothing new has happened to Hom since Cylix, Bartholemew and Storm-Cry inspected Hom from the bridge.

Ardatli and Hal tells them that many fallen have been imprisoned inside the Bazaar. Ardatli also tells them that a new outlook has been created, Children of Lilith.
The group is looking up Whimsey inside the Baazar and, in response to some information about Lilith, she tells of the meeting held by the High Judges. They have decided that Lilith should be called in for interrogation and that a new secret organization is formed, the Inquisition.

After evading the watch, they get a view on a judge, Krynn, who tells Bondo to take away the fallen prisoner Kolrig. He locks him in a carriage that slowly drives off to the outskirts of the Bazaar. The group follows. The carriage stops between two houses and Lacuna sneaks up to the carriage. The driver says something in Fanzay to a machine on the wall. Headlights and sirens start and the carriage continues forward with Lacuna hiding underneath it.

The others see the wagon disappear into a large building and the door closes behind. As they look at the large building, a fog blows in and the house disappears. They go back and press the buttons on the wall and it replies that it is clear to keep moving forward. The house is back and they enter the house.

Inside the house, Lacuna sneaks up at the driver, James, who drinks a cup of coffee and catches him. The others come in and together they interrogate James (and drink coffee / chocolate).

  • James and two more keepers transport prisoners in and out of the Institute, which is a hospital.
  • Only The Management can open the door.
  • The Management is contacted via an “intercom” next to the gate.
  • He has barely seen anything except the cafeteria.
  • Quite a lot of prisoners have been brought in, some have been transported back out.
  • There are about five guards.

A cleaner turns up, nodds to Benjamin before continuing his job.
They lock James into the wagon and continue along a corridor. Many similar rooms are passed, a person dressed all in white pushes a metal wagon passes through the corridor and the group hides in one of the rooms. They continue and come to a morgue where they find Kolrig locked in one of the compartments. They decide to get out of the Institute when they now had found Kolrig.

Benjamin breaks up the front door. Outside, they only see fog, but not ordinary fog, it’s Sea of the Lost. They decide to close the door again. They contact the management via the intercom, but as the management does not recognize the voices, he asks them to come up to his office two floors up. The group walk up the stairs, but stops at next floor when they hear some noise from the other side of a door. Inside is Confos with a broken leg and he is being tended to by Stacie / Victoria. Confos says that Colette has just been collected to interrogation and the group goes to the interrogation room.

Behind the door they hear a calm man talking to a woman in the middle of the room and to the left of the door are two people leaning to the wall. A slow squiking sound is also heard.
The plan is that Benjamin kickes the door and pushes the two people against the wall. Gilbert is going to get in and aim the crossbow against the head of the inquisitor. Henry takes the girl and Lacuna keeps watch.

The door is kicked up and everyone is pouring in. They see Bondo and two other joanites are leaning against the wall. In the middle of the room is a hospital bed where Colette is stuck and behind the bed is inquisitor Ever’on and behind him leaning against the wall stands Rebeka. At the foot end of the bed goes Professor Chalk.

7 Rise of Lilith
Year One, Early Spring

Benjamin Guy’on, Henry the Butcher & Gilbert Thaim’on.

Arrived at Mahgog, battle against Kynit, Jacques killed and Lilith the Liberator born.

Back at Hom.

“I am Lilith.
I am the daughter of Joshua.
I am born to protect His children.
I have come to end the threats
that spawned in the dark times.
I offer safety,
guidence in the ways of defense
and help to find your way in dream.
I will not raise my hand against my aunts,
for my Father wished it not.
I am no more than you make of me.
I am your friend.”

Doomsayers and Ardatli joins Lilith. Lightbringers try to use the situation to unite the 8th Tribe.
Jackers are reserved and Herites don’t want to follow a Fatima.

The soul of Veruka the Wraith is shattered across the River of Dream. She is nursed by Halos, Den-Hades, Chevon and Cana Nan’on.

Mek ask Lilith to join the jackers in a raid against the Z’Bri and she approves.

30 people attacks Lilith but she is defended by the group (and herself). Andrue and Skot was among the assiliants. And possibly Chevon.

6 Joshua's Legacy
Late Winter, Year One

Benjamin Guy’on, Henry the Butcher, Gilbert Thaim’on & Lacuna.

Visions of Henry the Butcher:
“I have seen the moon grow dark, as it did when the Eight were first born. I have heard the great broken body of Joshua stirring in His ancient tomb. My dreams have shown me our salvation, for the time of the prophecy comes, and the fulfillment of that prophecy is the child of Joshua. The Mother-Goddess has shown me a holy resting place, where Joshua’s daughter has waited for two generations to rise up and lead Her father’s Tribe in His name. For Lilith comes, and with Her, the Eighth Tribe is born.”

Begun the travel to Mahgog.
Met Gab.

5 In the River of Dreams
Early Winter, Year Zero

Benjamin Guy’on, Henry the Butcher & Lacuna.

Met Egg Stealer, Little River and Mountain in the River of Dreams.
Saved Illiam, Chevon and Petra.
Helped Halos capture Etarian.

4 And Justice for All (part 2)
Late Fall, Year Zero

Benjamin Guy’on, Henry the Butcher, Gilbert Thaim’on & Lacuna.

Solved the conflict between Burning Fury and Kila’s Own with the help of Helbe Gri’on.

3 And Justice for All (part 1)
Late Fall, Year Zero

And Justice for All (part 1)
Benjamin, Henry & Porelyn (NPC)

Jacques was very sought after at Hom. Everyone wanted to talk to him, or at least see him. Nobody knows what it means that a Joshuan has appeared, but everyone agrees that it has to mean something. Jacques himself found it very stressful because he is not used to so much people and fuss.

One day they saw Hal Ninva and Mek stand and talk and Mek shouted that you are both competent and volunteers. Hal had been informed that a Sheban Lorekeeper named Tanya Ever’on would be sacrificed to the Z’Bri at the Circle of the Chosen. (That´s were the tribes sacrifices the “volunteers” to maintain the ceasefire with the Z’Bri.) Porelyn (Joanite / Jacker) would accompany as a guide, and Meks henchmen Toro and Mason followed as muscles.
They would leave an hour before dawn to have plenty of time to prepare for the rescue, but outside they saw a riot outside of Junks. Somebody has been murdered at Junks during the night. A shorter investigation seems to make it clear that Diarmet Swiftspear (Joanite / Jacker), the leader of Burning Fury, killed Zackari (Evan / Herite) from Kila’s Own. None from the two cells were here, so even though the atmosphere was harsh, they decided to complete the original assignment.

The trip north went smoothly through Talon Nexus (a rift that used to be a subway line). Even getting under the seven fingers was easy when Porelyn showed the way.
At the Circle of the Chosen they hid and waited for the joanite patrol to come at dusk. They quickly tied Tanja Ever’on to a pole before they quickly disappeared.
While Benjamin freed Tanja, four swollen wolves came out of the woods and attacked. The group suffered some damage, but managed to defeat the wolves before a Flemis appeared. Benjamin immediately lost all his will but could be led away by the others during a quick retreat. They went back under the wall and down into Talon Nexus where they rested during the night.

In the evening they had come back to Hom. Apparently everything had not settled on Hom. More dead and on the verge of riot. Tanja was handed in safely by Deus and Altara Ven who would help her write down her chronicle again.

The others went to The Cage to listen to the rant Kymber Reva convened due to the escalating conflict between Burning Fury and Kila’s Own. Alhanna (Yagan / Doomsayer) from Burning Fury has been killed by Reshi, Deker and Myfai from Kila’s Own, which in turn was killed by Diarmet during the conflict. Including these, about a dozen died in related conflicts last day. Neither Burning Fury nor Kila’s Own had appeared at the rant. Kymber Reva was very concerned with not knowing how she would solve the situation. Then a sheban / lightbringer named Oscar jumped on the scene, suggesting that an independent tribunal should be added to solve what has happened and also judge the guilty. Some members of the congregation agreed, while others loudly protested. Raven then suggests that conflicts should be resolved with duels.

The gang decided to go and talk with the people involved to find out what had happened. After leaving their weapons, they entered the Burning Fury where they talked to Diarmet, Joanna (Agnite / Jacker) and Kelley (ex-serf). Diarmet told them what had happened: He and Joanna had been to Junks where Joanna usually danced to all the guests’ delight, which usually leads to a number of suitors that Joanna politely denies. Zackari, however, was obstinate and Diarmet intervened and pushed him away. Then he took a weapon from a table and attacked. Diarmet then killed him quickly. After that, they quickly left. Joanna nods approvingly.
At the second incident, he and Alhanna were out on the town when Reshi, Deker and Myfai attacked them and killed Alhanna. He then killed the three who attacked them.
Diarmet explains that because he was attacked, he has not done anything wrong and therefore does not want to apologize. On this occasion, Porelyn saw a doubt in Joanna who sought contact with Kelley who seemed to agree with Joanna.

After this they went to Kila’s Own. There they talked to Kila the Fat (Evan / Herite) and Jen-Ryduck (Sheban / Lightbringer), but Wid (Agnite / Herite) was in the room without taking part in the conversation. Morn (Agnite / Herite) tried to make excuses to be in the room until Benjamin intimidated him and he left the room. Kila told them what had happend: Zackari was a happy and innocent Evan who didn´t harm anyone. When he was murdered by a knife in his back, he was unarmed with only a spoon in his hand. Reshi and his companions decided on their own to confront Diarmet when they saw him in town. It ended when diarmet had killed them all three, and Deker had been chopped in the back.

After this meeting, they decided to see if they could shadow Morn. In the evening, Morn and his two companions Grim and Pridairig come out of the house. They talk about Kila’s failure to handle the situation and that Morn should take over the leadership of Kila’s Own. He also says “this time it will be better than when I tried to take over Raven’s Shadow”. They returned to the house and immediately thereafter comes Wid sneaking out. He sneaks down to Burning Fury where he is building a bridge so he can get into Burning Fury unnoticed. Once he has finished, he returns home. Before the gang goes away, they see that Thesselly (Agnite / Jacker) comes out and receives a food delivery at dawn. They talk to her and she confirms Diarmet´s story and that her sister Joanna usually gets many suitors on Junks, but she always accompanies Diarmet home.


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